Florida Company
Florida Investment Company Act Merger Law patterns Florida company set up branch...
Colorado Compani
1, in the name of Colorado\'s home in foreign investment and easily with an inte...
Registered US co
Nevada is located on the west coast, east of Utah and Arizona, California, adjac...
California Compa
California is located on the West Coast, the west Pacific, North and Oregon, eas...
Three companies
Avoidance three techniques: A financing plan tax law Second, the investment tax ...
US tax managemen
According to statistics, the US tax collection rate as high as 87 percent, the t...
Registered US company benefits
1. with international brands, improve enterprise efficiency | 2. billion Bank States to facilitate business activities | 3. facilitate international trade, to avoid tariff barriers | 4. registration process convenient, open, low cost | 5. Easy management, without convening shareholders' Meeting | 6. enterprises to expand overseas, reverse investment | 7. avoid foreign exchange management, facilitate foreign capital | 8. reduce cooperation with the US companies trading risk | 9. legitimate tax avoidance and reduce financial, tax burden | 10. company registration highly confidential information and documents
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California Company

  • ① registered capital $ 50,000;
    ② 1 shareholders, directors;
    ③ local registered address;
    ④ no scope limitations;
    ⑤ handle 25 working days;

Nevada Company

  • ① exempt from income tax;
    ② limited personal liability;
    ③ flexible state coordinating body;
    ④ good business environment;
    ⑤ LLC and permanent;

Colorado Company

  • ① English name three or more;
    ② membership information;
    ③ distribution ratio of the shares;
    ④ members now live address register;

Florida Company

  • ① certificates;
    ② registered office;
    ③ registered agent;
    ④ number of directors;
    ⑤ public assets income people;


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