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Shenzhen billion Bank Investment Limited

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     US companies registered query

    US companies registered US company sector is the query window. Click to enter

    If you want to check the New York company, then you need to enter the New York State registered sector inquiry.

    Fifty states in the United States have a corporate registration department, but must be submitted with the application of different documents, and government fees are different.
    Registered US company knowledge

(1) America's eligibility to apply for registration
Registered US company Conditions: Any person aged 18 years or over 18 years old are eligible to apply for registration of US companies and became a director of the company. The number of directors in the United States registered company: registered US company may have only one or more directors.

(2) US-registered company category
A company registered in the United States for the company's business sector and business projects and not too many restrictions. US companies can operate in any lawful business activities. After the company in order to conduct business operations in the world, you need to specify the general plan to operate a business, you can also add "and all lawful business activities," the supplementary provisions.

(3) Company Name
The United States registered company name is no limit, you can choose whatever you like company name. The company name can be groups, companies, universities, colleges, research institutes, associations, shops, factories and so any name. As long as the application for registration of the name of the company's name has not been registered with other companies can. After registration of the company, is the US government approved the American company legally registered.
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