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Registered Utah

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Registered Utah company

Registration: Utah

Registered capital standards: 2 million

Inspection time: the anniversary of the inspection;

Post-maintenance: according to post-operation may be: If you need to ask for the actual operation of the account at a local tax accountant;
Limited company in the form of the end: the company behind the name preceded CORP (CORPORATION), LTD (LIMITED), the word INC (INCORPORATED) or CO (COMPANY), and company names are capitalized in English name.

First, the Utah company need:

1, submitted to the shareholders passport or ID card;
2, shareholders handwritten signature;
3. Registered Company Name;
4, the proportion of registered capital and distribution of shares;
5, the company registration confirmation and account information table (I provided);

Second, the registration process Utah company

1, with the eagle of the international registration of US companies advisor;
2, signed registration confirmation and agreement documents;
3, payment handling fee (prepaid 60%);
4, The Association to government departments formalities;
5, fax or scan registration documents;
6, return the full set of original material.

Third, after the company's registration is complete, the resulting file:

1, the company registration certificate issued by the Secretary of State (CI);
2. Memorandum and articles of association;
3, the US company has just seal, atomic chapter each one;
4, the stock accounts;
5, the first board meeting
6, the company's shares;
7, a proxy letter;
8, the Federal Tax ID;
9, Bank of America account information;
10, fine paper boxes

Utah Utah (UT)

I. Overview
(A) geographical location, climate, area and population:
Utah is located in the Midwestern United States, is a typical inland plateau state. West to the US West Coast, located in central Canada and Mexico, with good location and convenient transportation geography. Six interstate highways passing through the state. Salt Lake City is the capital of an international airport, major railway company after Honshu. About 35 percent of the state's land is desert and arid zones.
Honshu including climate patterns to mountainous desert type climate, with four distinct seasons, dry and dry, especially in winter. With "the best snow on earth" reputation, the state every winter attracts many skiers and tourists who. 2002 Winter Olympics will be held in the state.
Utah area of 82, 168 square miles, population 2.23 million.

(B) Capital:
Salt Lake City, Utah, is the capital of Salt Lake City. Population is 82 million. Mormon headquarters in the region, religious activity is frequent.

(C) the political system
Governor is elected for a term of four years, renewable once. Incumbent Gov. Michael O. Leavitt. State Assembly divided Senate and the House, the Senate has 29 members, elected for a term of four years; 75 House members, whose term of two years.

(D) Natural resources:
Products: livestock products.
Natural resources: metals (copper, silver, lead); non-metallic (potash, cement, sand and gravel); energy (oil, coal and natural gas).

Second, the trade profile

Utah total national income in 1999 was $ 49.7 billion, 23 per person, $ 356. The unemployment rate of 3.7%.
Utah 1999 exports amounted to $ 3.51 billion. Its main export commodities for metal products, transport equipment, electrical machinery, electronics, industrial machinery, precision instruments, chemicals and related products, food, metal smelting products. Including transportation equipment increased by 24.8%, an increase of 25% precision instruments, industrial machinery, up 14.6%. The main exporting countries, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Australia, Malaysia, Italy.

1998, 1999 and 2000, Utah's exports to China were 33.57 million, 17.34 million and 32.59 million, behind the United Kingdom,

3. The Government of Utah to promote economic measures:
Utah government in promoting economic development to develop a strategy for the development of the state's characteristics, namely the development of a diversified economy, and led to the development of other high-tech development of the industry as a leader. Utah is not competitive in the geography, transportation and resources, but in the unique advantages of human resources. Utah ranks the nation's highest level of education, the nation's second highest rate of high school graduation, education funding in the state government for the third. University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah State University, and other government and corporate annual transport a lot of talent for the development of high technology to improve the basis and premise.

Utah focus on the development of high-tech industries, especially information industry. Utah universities to provide enterprises with numerous computer software personnel; the government start-up phase in the information industry, to encourage financial institutions to give support. Under the government's policy support, the second largest city between Salt Lake City and Provincetown house is about 40 km long valley emergence of a world-renowned high-tech industrial zone, known as the "Valley of the software industry", is the second Silicon Valley after the world's second largest computer company in the staging area. With around 2000 software companies gathered here, employs nearly 90,000 people, representing the highest level of development in the world of computer software, forming a smooth information highway.

Fourth, the policy measures related to investment management

(A) Taxes:
Corporate income tax: 5%
Personal income tax: 2.55-7.0%
Real estate taxes: an average of 1.7%
Sales Tax: 6.125%
Vehicle fuel taxes: 19.5 cents per gallon

(2) Investment incentives:
Exempt from corporation tax registration.
Business inventories not levy property taxes.
Such as the newly established company plant a total expenditure is higher than $ 5 million, 5% of construction costs can be exempted from income tax as the company.
10% corporate income tax can be used to purchase anti-pollution equipment.
Chemicals used directly in manufacturing, mining and research and development can be exempt from sales tax.

(C) investment restrictions:
The state no investment restrictions.

(D) wages and hours of work:
Overtime pay for 1.5 times normal;
The basic work for 40 hours a week.

(E) Public facilities:
Aviation: Utah Salt Lake City International Airport is well equipped operating capacity among 10 international front. Famous American Airlines speed DELTA bought in 1993 Pan Am Expressway, and Salt Lake City as a base to establish an aviation hub. Since then, the United States and major air speed had increased its business in Salt Lake City airport, and an increase in passenger traffic the airport, making the airport directly to the annual income of $ 350 million.

Highway-related development, a total of six interstate highways through, connecting the US east and west coasts.

(Vi) investment authority:
Division of Business and Economic Development
Department of Community and Economic Development
Address: 324 South State Street, Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Fifth, the main industry
The center of gravity (a) of the original metal manufacturing industry, the transition to the production of aviation and missile parts.

(B) Metal Mining developed: The origin of the nation state as the only beryllium ore; Gold and molybdenum mineral fraction of the total amount of US third, four; rich in copper production, behind Arizona.

(C) the biochemical industry developed: University of Utah and Brigham Young University for the industry to provide a high-quality R & D environment, development of human organs, and other medical equipment.
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