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Why not show the registered capital of the Delaware company documents

Date:2015-01-16 | Views:667
Recently, many customers consult a registered why Delaware company documents no registered capital, typical questions are as follows.
First, I want to register a Delaware LLC company, I want the virtual capital of 500 000 Can you?

Second, if there is no registered capital of the LLC company documents show that the registrar down the registered capital of written somewhere? My clients know how I registered capital is how much? Client if I issued it, how do I issue, where you can display registration capital?

Third, why write another consulting company website Delaware LLC, Standard registered capital of 5 million dollars?

Another company, announced as follows: Delaware LLC, registered capital, company standards Chunghwa 1500 shares, par value may also be without par value; standard registered capital below $ 75,000, more than the standard registered capital, the need to pay at least $ 200 PCT stamp duty to Delaware government; no par value shares of up to 3,000 shares.

Fourth, if the registered capital of other companies invalid, even if I do not see, the last bank can also look at the bank account of the time out? LLC is not a country to say the self-employed? Bank can certainly look at it, this registered capital of the bank account does not any help.

Unified answer the following:

According to Delaware law requires companies registered. Two kinds of companies can be registered in Delaware: General Company (INC) or limited liability company (LLC = Limited Liability Company). Moreover, neither the minimum registered capital requirement, there is no ownership restrictions.

Therefore, do not show on the company's registered capital of Delaware was founded, the company registration documents. Delaware because the government does not.

INC is set authorization equity or capital (authorised capital / shares), but it can not become a registered capital, because the customer does not need the actual place verification. And the LLC company documents, and even authorized capital or capital (authorised capital / shares) such content is not there.

First, many people set up Delaware company, just to be able to set up corporate accounts in the United States, the registered capital of them do not have any practical significance.

Second, one of the few people registered Delaware corporation, is only used to decorate the facade, register a trademark, or in the office or operating room hung a company's business license in English. So will care moot registered capital, this time, liar emerged, specializes in providing forged documents registered capital for such companies.

Third, the company registered in Delaware, established, suitable for investment holding company to turn around. This privacy feature in the United States, 50 states and the District of Columbia, Delaware scope is unique.
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