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US companies registered no special requirements can easily register

Date:2015-01-16 | Views:634
In recent years, many companies are Huaren Hua wanted to start a company in the United States, one's ambitions to enter the US market. Because knowledge can not understand the relevant aspects of the US company, many people are unable to start. In this eagle was founded on international issues relevant to give you some guidance and advice.

The need for US companies registered in

In the United States, SMEs are the lifeblood of the national economy, the US government is to support and encourage people to start or registered companies. The main purpose of almost all companies incorporated in the United States is to create more efficiency, improve the quality of life of the moment, to give their children a stable family life based on education and create a good environment for the growth of children.

In addition, registered in the US Companies can restrict individual companies to take risks and debt obligations. Shareholder or individual responsibility only within the scope of the Shares, other personal property, funds will not be affected. Because the government is not particularly exchange controls and price controls, enterprise development space is large, the financing capacity is also stronger. The company also for the domestic staff of business visa, immigrant students provide convenient. In addition, a growing number of foreign investors have begun to set up a company in the United States, to establish a good international brand, enjoying the perfect American-developed legal and consumer markets.

How low the threshold of registered US company

In fact, a registered US company application process is not complicated, the threshold is not high, it is no need for this problem and worries. First, regardless of anyone in the United States registered company, there is no special status requirements. Even if you are a foreigner, long living abroad, are also eligible to apply for registration of US companies, and the company's operations management and tax methods are not different. Second, take a US registered company must be registered with the principles of the company, the registered capital of the audit is not required, as long as allowed within the law profession, can operate without restrictions. Third, do not repeat the names of other companies, based on the company's name was arbitrarily chosen by the shareholders or members.

American company type
a. self Sole Proprietorship
b. Joint Venture Partnership
c. Liability Co. LLC-Limited Liability Company
d. shares limited liability company C Corporation or S Corporation Limited S shares

Type in the company's choice, eagles also remind you to carefully consider your company's overall business scope and the actual situation to make the right choices. For the establishment of an ordinary SMEs will choose to recommend international eagles LLC LLC, because of the limited liability regime risk can protect personal property from the establishment involved, but also to avoid double taxation of individuals and companies. Also, LLC in the company's business, management and membership requirements are also more flexible.
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