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How to apply for a license after sales company registered in California

Date:2015-01-16 | Views:653
Given the increasing number of Chinese enterprises, especially the establishment of the company in the United States sales activities in California, received a lot of eagles international inquiry California sales license (Seller's Permit) advice, it introduces the reader to the following common sense California sales permits .

First, apply the body

California business, and intends to sell or lease of tangible personal property and chattel terms of the retail sale, the seller must obtain a license. Finishing eagle international sellers need to apply for a business license or the subject as follows:

Limited liability companies (LLCs)
Limited partnerships (LPs)
Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs)
Personal / Partner
Married joint tenants
Legally registered domestic partner
A variety of organizations, whether wholesalers or retailers, must apply for a permit.

Without a license, but will temporarily be sold in a particular period, such as Christmas tree sales and charity, then how should we do this when you can apply for a provisional license sellers. Such permits are usually issued to a place no more than 30 days of sales operators.
Second, the application process and time

Can apply to the Inland Revenue Department, California matter (BOE). About two weeks after the completion of the application can receive a license. Because the table need autographed, so should return the completed form by mail or submitted to the Inland Revenue matter. Also recommend that you should keep a copy for your records.

Third, the application materials

Data requirements are as follows:

Your social security number (excluding shares of the company officers).
Your bank account name and location.
Your name suppliers.

Bookkeeper, accountant, or the names of other people's business records.

A sponsor's name and address.

Expected monthly sales, and in which taxable sales.
Your driver's license photocopy (if you apply by mail).

Commercial use your e-mail address. It may also require you to provide additional data.
Eagles international Reminder: If you have a partner, or if your business is managed by AG Director or manager of a limited liability company, members, or officers, these officers must provide more than part of the data.

Fourth, the Chinese enterprises to set up the company's sales activities in California Notes

1. Timely notification.
Changes in the following cases, you should notify the Inland Revenue Department in writing thereof. Are summarized as follows:
Place of business, mailing address or e-mail change
Ownership of enterprises subject to change

Sold or discontinued businesses. If you have sold or discontinued businesses, you must close the account, written notice thereof the Inland Revenue Department.

Buying other companies. Who need a new license sales to show a legitimate owners.

If you already have a sellers permit, and will buy into the enterprise data to conduct business within the scope of the license, you need to be responsible for your account and contact the tax office. First you need to complete the application, said proof. Upon receipt of your request in writing to obtain clearance certificates, physical Inland Revenue staff will confirm whether you are buying a business sales and use tax arrears, interest, or penalties. If any payment arrears, the current owners will be notified of their proposal to pay taxes owed. Otherwise, you will be suggested deduct a certain amount from the purchase price to compensate for the debt may face. If you purchase through industrial transfer business, you should ensure that the company you are applying on behalf of the tax clearance certificate. In summary, the eagle international remind the Chinese enterprises must keep in mind, if the current owners owed taxes, but the industrial transfer company without obtaining clearance certificates at the end of a hosting transfer situation, there may have to bear the tax arrears.

2. no longer in business, the license is canceled.

If you no longer in business, you can not retain the sellers permit. Because the license has been effective only when you as a sales person actually engaged in commercial activities. If you no longer conduct business as a sales person, you should be returned to the material permits the Inland Revenue Department to cancel. If you find that you no longer matter Inland Revenue as a sales person engaged in the business, they will cancel the sale of licenses.

3. Save the business records.

All such popular books (including books may be stored in a computer data), confirming the record books original document (for example, bills, receipts, invoices, work orders, contracts, or other documents) and for the preparation of tax returns list or worksheet. At the same time the record must show all of the following elements:

The total income from all sales or rentals of tangible personal property - even if you think should be tax-free sales and rentals.

Declare all amounts proposed exemption list.

All tangible personal property purchased for sale, consumption or lease purchase price.
Eagles international remind you: failing to properly prepare the record can be viewed as an act of negligence or intent to evade tax, and may result in penalties. You may also want to use the necessary sales and record kept for at least four years. Under certain conditions, should be maintained longer, such as being subject to audit or audit found problems or substance Inland Revenue Department for a tax dispute.

4. Tax

Sales and use tax returns alone sellers permit holder thereof declared to the Inland Revenue Department and pay California sales and use tax form. When you receive a sellers permit, you will be told to be monthly, quarterly or yearly tax return once were. Declaration expires at the end of each tax period. So you have to declare and pay taxes before the due date. If the tax return late or overdue taxes, you must pay the interest and penalties. Under limited circumstances, allow the extension of the reporting period (up to one month).

For the first time to the US-registered company sales activities of Chinese enterprises, the California sales permit complicated regulations may make you feel a bit confused, if not yet approved for sale in California, then you sell taxable goods is illegal in the state a.
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