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Why do so many people and companies have to go to the United States registered company?

Date:2015-01-16 | Views:647
Open US companies, one can order their goods into the international market, but to international business development strategy.

The United States is the internationalization of enterprises starting point, is the door to the world, is the fastest growing market market circulation, is the world's most developed over business.

So registered US company became very much a first step in the company's international plans. However, American companies how to register and how to set up the operation after registration of US companies use what exactly? Need to look at the real purpose of the client company's development direction and development of the United States lies.

Even if you are now living in China, but also can also set up a company in the United States. Unlike Chinese companies have set up all kinds of trouble in the rules, as long as you follow the normal procedures for submission of documents, and then enough to pay the application fee, submit the appropriate application form can be obtained according to the requirements of the US government approved the company's articles of association and the Federal Tax ID, when we doing business in the United States, as well as to the United States in the name of the company to apply for US immigration procedures. The company engaged in the business the American government does not control you, even if you want to set up a nuclear reactor companies can.

Applicants need to apply for US companies as immigrants. For example, L-1 multinational executives and professionals working visas and EB-1C multinational executives manager needs is a typical American immigrant affiliates as the applicant. In many cases we have contacted, immigrant domestic companies is through the establishment of subsidiaries in the United States to apply for L-1 visa, and then carried out a year after the United States was founded EB-1C of the application. For example, Mr. Wang in the country have their own software company, and now he wants to open up the US market, he can set up a branch in the United States, its own general manager and then the branch for L-1 visa applicants to the United States for their work after one year to apply for EB-1C immigrants.

Under the new immigration policy, and now the company set up by themselves can also apply for H-1B visas, as long as the appropriate conditions are met, including the establishment of the company who have independent control over the company to provide jobs for the establishment of a true person, the company has the ability to pay is higher than the prevailing wage salary. For example, in the United States professional Wang MBA after graduation and his other two students set up a tax studio, she is mainly a professional accountant to do work, but also appropriate participatory management. The firm also hired three American accountant, then the accounting firm may be able to apply for H-1B work visa for Mike.

There are some people who, they completed the first step in the establishment of the company is the appropriate work visa or immigration visa applications

And for those looking to invest through EB-5 immigrant investor to achieve the purpose, if there is considerable expertise and management experience in a particular industry, and so on. Invested one million in the United States to set up, the operating company, joined the business, buying business is a viable option. As long as the United States directly employ 10 workers (including US citizens, green card holders and other immigration work permit), which is an investment in the United States to obtain a green card a good choice.

US companies set up procedures:

1) The first three pre-made company English name, the name of the investigation to the state government, there is no duplication, before registration.

(2) The registered person shall be responsible for providing a copy of the passport, the US representative (agent) English name, the American company registered address.

(3) To apply for registration in the capital city of California (Sacramento) in California.

(4) government registration time is about 25 days days. Of course, registered US company may expedited processing, the fastest one week to get.

More on matters of US companies and US registered investment operations eagles Consult International, We specialize in the United States, because the United States is our headquarters, we focus on American business, because we concentrate on more than ten years, the industry leaders. Work with us to achieve maximum guarantee of success.

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