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How the US non-profit companies are established?

Date:2015-01-16 | Views:648
There are many non-profit companies, you go to church every Sunday, the district you live in, you participate in the Association, you give donations Foundation, you go to a doctor of the hospital, and so many of them are.

Government established personal set up, but no matter what the state needs to go to the secretary of state registration. The purpose is to set up a charitable, religious and public welfare, but in fact a lot of rich people have their own considerations and the control of taxation, they can do a lot of smart plan.

Why do so many people to set up such a non-profit organization Foundation, because it saw in the past that he donated money to charity and poverty in Africa is not really to take advantage of, not in vain misused by other foundations, is to be corrupt government corruption. Although he was provincial tax purposes, but he really did not achieve a charitable purpose.

Through the establishment he is chairman of the Foundation, he put Microsoft's profit donated to his foundation legitimate, not only to save tax, but also to control the money, he's smart not that we can think of. (50% of the profits to the limitation that Microsoft can not exceed 50% of the profits will be donated). I hope not because I told him the truth, and call me in the abdomen of a gentleman's heart, and do not have much to learn from him so that the government can not collect taxes, and he is old trick. But really want to learn from him to do good, I support everyone,

So I tell you how to set up the following non-profit company, following on to California.

California has several non-profit companies?

California is a California non-profit Companies Law Section 5000 Chapter (SECTION), was established. The three main types are religious type (RELIGIOUS), public welfare type (PUBLIC BENEFIT), and mutual benefit type (MUTUALBENEFIT).

A company established to operate the church, or the main purpose is religious, this is a non-profit religious corporation (RELIGIOUS) companies. Similarly, if the main purpose of a corporation organized for charitable or social welfare purposes, in accordance with the State Tax 501 (C) (3) or (4) and state tax law 23701 (D) or (F) to get the IRS and state tax Council tax-free, this is a non-profit public benefit corporation type (PUBLIC BENEFIT) company.

Similarly, if a company is not set up the above purpose, in accordance with the country's tax law does not intend to 501 (C) (3) or (4) and state tax law 23701 (D) or (F) to get the IRS and state Revenue Department's tax-free, or not going to get the IRS and state tax bureau of tax-free, so the company is, and mutual benefit of the company.

How California non-profit companies are established?

California is very simple, to draft a charter company, you can set up. Of course, before the establishment to check the name, there is no need someone registered.

Drafting the Articles of Association, would be for lawyers and accountants, and if you want to save money, you can do it yourself. However, the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Secretary of State should take the required standard.
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