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California Company Registration

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California is located on the West Coast, the west Pacific, North and Oregon, eastern border with Nevada and Arizona, south of Mexico, a total area of 8,693 square miles and 150,000, the highest in 32 degrees north latitude to 42 degrees between . California\'s capital is Sacramento (Sacramento), located in San Francisco, Calif., 87 miles northeast. California\'s total population of about 3,260 people, accounting for 12.2 percent of the total US population. Universal Corporation can provide you with a registered trademark, and a registered anywhere in the United States, for the Chinese immigrant business owners to invest or pave the way for the United States bypass.

First, the company name
Company Name is no limit, but in order to avoid duplication, the applicant submitted the best three or more of the English company name, by the search after, do OK. Limited Name Last word may contain \'Association Association \",\" company company \",\" Societies / Limited corporation \",\" Foundation Foundation \",\" Fund Fund \",\" Organization Incorporated \",\" Association / College Institute \",\" Association Society \",\" Federal / Union Union \",\" syndication / consortium Syndicate \",\" Limited Limited \"or its abbreviation; name can not be registered and the name of the company or to reserve the same or similar name as containing:\" Banks Bank \", \"Trust Trust\" and other words need to be approved by the US Federal Reserve; only in a limited liability company limited Liability Company, referred to as the \'LLC\' end.

Second, the registered capital
California, the company registered capital of $ 50,000 standard registration, the registered capital of more than the standard, an additional count of stamp duty. Note: The registered capital of the larger, the higher the second year of the franchise tax.

Third, shareholder directors
At least one shareholder (natural or legal person may serve in), at least one director (served only to natural persons; by the same person as a director shareholder). When the company was founded, the company must have a local sponsor to do, usually sponsors have provided Huanyu Group.

Fourth, legal secretary
California government regulations Co. must have a legal secretary, legal secretary from natural or legal persons. Legal secretary can not help Native Americans served, every company must have a registered address. If necessary, legal secretary and registered address provided by the Universal company.

Fifth, the registered address
California company must have a local registered address. If necessary, provided by Universal.

Six operating range
California company basically no scope restrictions, as long as the law permitted range, can operate.

Seven, the processing time
The processing time is 25 days or so.

8, processing procedures
Fill power of attorney signed an agreement → → → delivery of the deposit to the government department for about 30 days for completion → → shareholder directors personally signed legal documents → knot pay the balance.

Nine, payment method
Standard offer half as an advance payment of the balance within three working days after registration is completed. If a registered capital of stamp duty in full in advance; welcome payment to our designated account in Hong Kong or mainland cash, transfer, wire transfer, check or promissory note.

Ten, Limited Edition services
Certificate of registration; registered address; a metal stamp; a signature stamp; US company registration documents (including statutory shareholders, directors, company meeting record book); the company\'s stock; Memorandum and Articles of a set.

XI, Deluxe Edition services
Deluxe Edition: registration certificate; (Secretary of State notary, int); registered address; a metal stamp; a signature stamp; an oval chapter; US company registration documents (including statutory shareholders, directors, company meeting record book); company stock; Memorandum and Articles of set; all files that meet the requirements to open an account.

Twelve, bank account
Need to apply for a bank account in the establishment of the company. Registered US company may open an offshore bank account in Hong Kong. Universal can help customers come to the bank for the bank account, the bank required documents are: certificate of registration, stamp by the United States issued a local registered agent notarized document signed by an accountant and account opening documents (CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES), personal identification documents and funds deposited into the account of the equivalent of $ 10,000 yuan. Universal services include: Recommended Bank, to arrange a local agent issued by the United States notarized documents (more than one year of the company to be issued GOOD STANDING), meeting notes, play referee, sent accompanied by assistance.

XIII Annual Report annual license renewal
Annual report must provide the name and address of the company management personnel; pay the company for the year registered government registration fee; confirm and update the company registration data, the issue of the legality of the inspection certificate and guarantee company, the time is at the end of each month of the previous year was established.

Fourth, tax and tax
No business: if not engaged in business activities in the United States, California Limited (non LLC, has a registered capital, can be listed) not subject to income tax, only pay the franchise tax, specifically in order to receive government tax bill prevail, (provide address registration must be accurate. California Limited to March 1 each year to pay the annual franchise taxes, and limited liability company (LLC, no registered capital, not listed) shall be paid annually on June 1. franchise Tax $ 100 If the company is not incorporated in California engaged in business activities in the United States, and its shareholders, directors and officers are not US citizens, the company and the offshore companies have the same general characteristics.

There are business: if business activity in the US Department of Commerce, the California company (non LLC, has a registered capital, can be listed) required to pay sales tax, must pay the franchise tax, specifically in order to receive government tax bill prevail, when (registered providers address must be accurate), the California Limited March 1 each year shall pay an annual franchise taxes, and limited liability company (LLC, no registered capital, not listed) shall be paid annually on June 1.

Fifteen documents explain
Bank credit certificate, lawyers notarization, opening documents, INCUMBENCY, GOOD STANDING

1, the bank credit certificate: refers to public credit documents issued by the bank. For example, your company has operations in the bank, the bank can be issued to prove that you are a good credit or a bank\'s bad debt,, there like that.
2, lawyers deed: the parties, counsel refers to the judicial application, in accordance with the facts and the law, according to legal procedures have special legal effect produced documentary evidence is a legal instrument.
3, opening documents: refers to accounts in Hong Kong, foreign banks need customers to produce a certificate of registration, business registration, articles of association, and the other is an important document to prove true account documents issued by the accountant (CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES). The documents provided by Universal, the bank will be based on the contents of this file to determine whether or not to open an account, and the relevant government departments to conduct searches.
4, INCUMBENCY: refers to the Certificate of Incumbency (director of proof of service): Customer at the time of their new company (ie registration of the Company within one year) for the creation of a bank account, the bank will generally require customers to produce a Certificate of Incumbency (director of proof of service, also known as the current certificate of directors).
5, GOOD STANDING: refers to the Certificate of Good Standing (surviving proof): Customer open a bank account in their old company (ie more than one year of company registration) application, the banks generally require customers to produce a Certificate of Good Standing (proof of the existence, also known as proof of good standing) and certificate of Incumbency (director working to prove, also known as the current certificate of directors).

XVI Universal commitment
The recipients of the certificate by Universal, files, we ensure their authenticity, from China and the US professional lawyers checks. If false, Universal legal liability, and double compensation.

XVII Universal advantage
1, Universal has established a service network in China, the total investment in China there is a Universal on your side so you can later development;
2, team strengths, 24-hour service;
3, a powerful business service center, matching supply and demand platform, on behalf of the (band) customer purchases;
4, help domain name registration, so the US site;
5, establish service platform for SMEs, logistics center, information center;
6, a strong team and taxation, to provide financial, tax avoidance schemes;
7 years of successful experience, more than 100 million of the success stories;
8, \"the Five\" advantage: brand, appearance, character, quality, taste
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