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US companies registered location and type

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1, in which the state set up a company

If you only plan to do business in your state, you will find out that the establishment of the state in which you live is the most simple and inexpensive.

Most US states have provisions out of state to the state must be registered to do business in the state.

2, set up a company in California

California from Asia nearest. There are the nation's largest import and export port - Port of Long Beach International. Storage conditions, transport conditions are the United States first. US wholesale, import and export center of the city near to the International Exhibition and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Easy to set up companies to invest in California, not high maintenance costs, California no restrictions on foreign investment rules, is the most suitable foreign multinational companies to set up US subsidiary, or the establishment of the US company's regional.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and therefore more competitive in California to handle the business.

3, set up a company in Delaware

Delaware has one of the nation's best corporate law. In fact there are more than five hundred thousand Founded in Delaware, while 50% column names in New York Stock Exchange was established in Delaware. Many investment banks require their customers to pre-IPO company registered in the state. Some only because of habit, more because they want to protect the state's business laws.

The reason why the company was founded in Delaware for many reasons:

1) If the company does not operate in the State of Delaware, Delaware income tax will not be levied.
2) do not live in the shareholders Delaware, Delaware does not have to pay personal income tax.
3), Delaware has a separate system of separate commercial courts. It has no jury, only a judge. Is the nation's most comprehensive commercial legal system.
4) In Delaware, the name and address of the directors need not be the same as in other states listed in the public record in.
5), the cost to set up a company in Delaware lower than in many other states.

4, set up a company in Nevada

Nevada is the latest popular choice. Currently, the number of companies registered in Nevada after the Delaware, in the United States in the second. Nevada offers many benefits to companies established in the state.

1) there is no corporate income tax in Nevada.
2) no dividend Nevada corporation income tax.
3) there is no sales tax.
4) there is no personal income tax in Nevada.
5) No IRS Information common use protocol.
6) shareholders have maximum privacy and anonymity. Not listed in the list of shareholders in the public record.
7) officers and directors are to be protected, not for legal acts personally liable for the company.
8) small annual fee.
9) Nevada offers two main benefits is that it does not impose an annual state sales tax, and the company does not levy sales tax.
5, is incorporated in Delaware or Nevada corporation may be exempt from state taxes the state of residence
No, if you do business in your state of residence, you can not avoid state taxes. You can remove the Delaware or Nevada corporation income tax.

If you set up a company in Delaware or Nevada, you must pay in addition to Delaware or Nevada costs, you also have to pay the cost of the state where you live. So if you just set up a company may be more in the local economy.

6, select the type of company registration

Most of the small and growing companies are from the general Corp. (C Co.) began. The following are five basic types of enterprises.

1), wholly-owned company
2) Limited (C-type, Ltd.)
3), S-type CO
4), LLC
5), a non-profit organization
Many non-US companies operating in the US most often choose Limited (corporation), the reason these companies are relatively easy to add new investors, and the future may make the company listed. Therefore, Ltd is a common type of company. Another common type of company is a limited liability company (limited liability company, LLC). US tax law, non-US residents can not be a shareholder of the S-Limited, and therefore non-US residents can not choose S-type companies.

7, C-type, Ltd.

Type C Co., Ltd. is a standard type, he is clearly a separate legal entity, you can open a bank account, with the property, business, and ownership in the company name. Its advantage is that it is not necessary for the debts and obligations of shareholders of the company to pay personal responsibility. If the company is sued and declared bankruptcy, the company owners will not be required to use their private property to pay the company's debt, the creditor can not to the shareholders, directors or senior director of the company for damages.

8, LLC (limited liability company)

LLC is actually a corporate entity began in the mid-1990s, and is a new type of company. LLC can have a number of members, a city in the hybrid corporate structure, which makes both the joint venture limited liability company as general as members of the LLC's can be protected, not for business and life personally liable for the debt. Therefore, LLC, to carefully design their own operating agreement. Companies like S LLC, is the same as "transfer entities," which means that the company's business income can be transferred to the member's LLC, which are exempt from corporate income tax, which is the type of company better place than C corporations.

9, C Company LLC company than a good place

1) No time limit: Limited can perpetuate. The members of the LLC, or is experiencing the death of bankruptcy, the company will be dissolved.
2), to market: if the company has plans to go public, the most appropriate type of C Company.
3), Senior Staff stock options: C companies can allocate stock options or stock bonuses to employees as a reward, but the company did not stock LLC.

10, a non-profit organization

As the name suggests, a non-profit organization whose purpose is not to make money, the purpose is to set up or support for individuals to consider the public interest. Nonprofit organizations can involve many fields, such as religious, educational, charitable, social affairs, business associations, research institutions, arts and sports.

Director of the nonprofit organization's requirements in many states have at least three, some states allow a director or organizer, such as California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia. New Hampshire Sylvester states only require a director, but requires five organizers. South Carolina State need only one director, but requires two organizers.

11, a registered non-profit organization shortcomings

1) The most important feature is that it is not-for-profit organizations who have registered, but can not accept the establishment of the company profit-sharing.
2) the establishment of a reasonable person can give themselves such as payment of wages, as a non-profit organization in the face of the public, so the company's financial and tax should be open to the public.
3) non-profit organization founded to fill a negative factor more files and more companies to comply with regulations.

12, a registered non-profit organization benefits

1), non-profit and for-profit companies like the company has unlimited lives, but also subject to the same limited liability protection.
2), may be exempted from the tax is the biggest advantage of a variety of non-profit organizations.
3), donors can be tax deductible.
4), enjoy lower postage discount.
5), charities easier access to funding.

13 non-US residents to set up US companies

Under US law, any person anywhere in the world can be set up American companies, if the company does not operate in the United States, he would not need to pay any federal taxes, but he must pay the costs of maintaining the state.
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