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NY Investment Environment Introduction

First, the United States, New York - Location, area, population, climate:

An area of about 49,576 square miles of New York, an area of 47,939 square miles of land, rivers, lakes area of 1,637 square miles, near the US mid-Atlantic region's largest (Middle Atlantic State) of a state, an area of the United States ranked third ten, population of about 1,819.6 Wan (2000), winter temperatures of about 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit in summer temperatures of about 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, except along the coast, the New York State average annual snowfall is 40 inches.

Second, New York - the capital, industrial and commercial center, race, primary language: the capital: Albany; industrial and commercial center: New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany; Race: Caucasian 75%; 25% of non-whites, according to 2000 census results, New York, about 36 million Chinese people; New York City accounted for 48 percent of non-whites; main Language: English;

Third, NY - Political System: New York State adopted federalism, the governor, lieutenant governor, Comptroller, Attorney General (Attorney General) directly elected. Under the governor has 20 offices that. State Senate and House of Parliament points, there are 60 state senators and state Rep. 150. New York has 11 judicial administrative regions.

Fourth, NY - Natural resources: the more valuable of the mineral resources, mainly for non-metallic minerals, including cement, sand, gravel, gypsum, etc. The state is the only US state of Wollastonite emery production of metal ores, including lead, zinc, iron, silver. Abundant water resources, hydropower accounts for one-quarter of New York's statewide total generating capacity.

New York State Economy

Gross annual production of about 6,685 New York billion (after California), accounting for 8% of gross annual production of the United States (New York State United States accounted for 7% of the population), the labor force was 8,957,000, including non-agricultural labor force of about 873 million people, the unemployment rate was 4.3% (April 2001), if the New York State as a country, can be ranked the world's 10th largest economy. According to 2001 statistics Fortune magazine, the nation's 500 company, is headquartered in New York who has 55, which is headquartered in New York City's 40. New York City is the financial center of the world, the New York Stock Exchange daily trading amounted to more than $ 1 trillion, or about 85% of the US financial amount of the transaction.

2000 per capita income of approximately $ 34,946, New York, ranking fifth in the United States (after Connecticut, District of Columbia, New Jersey, Massachusetts), is higher than 19% of the US per capita income.

New York state tax policy

1995 New York State corporation business tax (Corporate Tax) from 9.675% in 1990 down to 9%, manufacturing in New York State make major investments available investment tax credits (Investment Tax Credit), can significantly reduce the taxable (Effective Tax Rate), the minimum can be reduced to 3.5%.

New York State corporate income tax (Corporate Income Tax):

Small businesses in the following year's net income $ 200,000 8% tax. Net income more than $ 200,000, no more than 290,000 US dollars to $ 16,000 is taxed, plus 200000-250000 US dollars tax 9%, the tax part of the more than 250,000 US dollars 5%. Medium and large enterprise tax of 9%.

Sales Tax (Sales Tax):

4% New York sales tax in most areas would be an additional 4 percent local sales tax, in the New York metropolitan area's mass transit system to be combined with the reach of the levy 0.25% sales tax (the New York City sales tax is 8.25%) . Since March 1, 2000, in New York City to buy clothing and footwear priced under $ 110 in value, could be exempted from the state and city sales tax, in areas outside of New York City can only avoid state sales tax of 4%, but still to pay local sales tax.

New York investment company founded matters

First, the United States, New York - Investment Act

State Corporate Law, Antitrust Law, Security Law, Environment Law, Labor Law, Intellectural Property Law,

Foreign Direct Investment and International Financial Data Implement Act of 1990,

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993,

Omnibus Trade and Competition Act of 1887.

Second, the United States, New York - the company set up patterns
(A) Sole Proprietorship (sole proprietorship),
(B) General Partnership (Partnership),
(C) Limited Partnership (limited partnership),
(D) Corporation (the Company),
(E) Limited Liability Company (LLC) - New patterns, and increasingly popular among corporations and partnerships between its architecture.

Third, NY - incentives of measures to provide incentives to invest in New York state government, including:

(A) Small and Medium-sized Business Assistance Program
(B) Target Investment Program;
(C) PEDPP Business Development Loan Program;
(D) Expansion, Retention, and Attraction Assistance Program
(E) Industrial Effectiveness Program;
(Six) JOA Direct Loan Program;
(Seven) Rural Development Loan Fund;
(Eight) Corporation for Innovation Development Venture Capital Program;
(Ix) New York Business Development Corporation Loan Program;
(J) Small Business Innovation Research Matching Grant Program; Research and Development Grants.
Fourth, NY - Investment Restrictions: In addition to the high pollution, high-risk industries, who can create jobs and improve the living standards of all welcome investment. For cutting-edge industry and investment to national security, according to the Exon-Florio Amendment to the US government in order to prohibit the current foreign investment firms in New York for about 3,000 homes.

Five, NY - Investment authority: the New York State Office of Economic Development in New York City, Empire State Development, the other with 10 branch offices in New York, in the foreign section in London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Canada, Europe, North America, Montreal Lou, with offices in Asia, Japan.

Sixth, NY - investment application procedures and review process: First, the company set up the New York State Empire State Development shall inquiry, the agency can provide the following assistance:

(A) provide location-related information factories.
(B) provide tax incentives, economic, demographic, payroll, tax and utility rates information
(C) the market analysis, and the New York State vendors promote joint ventures or strategic alliances.

Investment firms ready Articles by accountants and lawyers, directors roster after an application for registration to the state government.
Seven, NY - Land Cost: NY planning of Economic Development Zone 40 at the state government to set up factories to encourage manufacturers to invest in order to increase local employment opportunities and provide tax assistance and financing.

Eight, NY - the relevant provisions of labor: the number of workers to about 887 million people. Within the New York State has 314 universities and colleges (after California 346), of which about 25 percent of adult received more than a college or university education, higher labor quality, which is a major factor in New York state's high-tech. Strict labor laws, unions have a membership count 59 million, accounting for 48.2% of the total number of manufacturing behind Michigan 53.6%. The average hourly manufacturing wage of $ 12.50, the nation ranked No. 23, Social Security allowance of about 30% of the salary.

Nine, NY - Public Facilities and Fees: New York is located in the Great Lakes region, hydropower accounts for one quarter of energy supply, the rest is hydroelectric and nuclear power (the New York State has six nuclear power plants).

NY transportation network connections, 16,400 mile Interstate long, 4,000 miles of railway, domestic long-distance trucking companies have 1,018 homes, has 330 airports, 94 heliport, passengers annually to 60 million passengers per year throughput through New York Harbor goods reached 2,040 billion US dollars, accounting for 20 percent of total US international trade, air cargo exports of goods are shipped via the United States one-third of New York's international airport.

New York introduces important industry

First, the United States, New York - Major manufacturing: electrical, electronic machinery, professional scientific equipment, chemical products, fashion and clothing, metal products, transport machinery, printing industry.

Second, NY - Services: New York is now the world's largest financial services and business centers, other information such as software, hardware, optics and image processing, information and media industry is also very developed.
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